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Alternate Dispute Resolution


Carol M. Hoffman has experience

with the following substantive issues:

Affirmative Action; Arbitrability; Absenteeism; Age Discrimination; Bargaining Unit Work; Clinical Practice Plans; Conduct( On and Off Duty); Discipline and Discharge; Contract Interpretation; Disability Discrimination; Drug and Alcohol Offenses; Employee Evaluation Plans; Faculty Issues; Holidays; Increments/ Steps; Insurance; Grievance administration; Health and Safety; Hiring Practices; Holiday Pay; Hospital Staff; Incentive Pay; Insubordination; Job Classification; Job performance; Job posting/Bidding; Just Cause; Layoffs/Bumping/Recall; Leaves; Managements Rights; Past Practices; Promotion; Professional Development Plans; Race, Sex and National Origin Discrimination; Recruitment and Retention; Religious Discrimination; Salary; Seniority; Sexual harassment; Slowdowns; Subcontracting; Tenure /Reappointment;Time and Attendance; Transportation; Union Recognition and Certification; Union security; Union Time Off ; Vacation Pay; Welfare Fund; Work Stoppages.

ADR Services include:

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Special Master
  • Fact Finder
  • Discovery Referee
  • Early Neutral Evaluation